What is this?

Eventually I plan to move the "news and notes" section of the Unofficial Mathieu Schneider Homepage over to this blog. But, it is slow process. Slow because a) I'm not as good at this web stuff as I'd like to be, and b) the more I look at the site, the more I realize how old most of the info is. I feel guilty moving old furniture into a new house, so I'm trying to clean up and redesign at the same time.

But, I created the site originally as major league procrastination when I was in college; and now that I'm teaching a course next semester, and I find myself procrastinating again. Maybe the mountains of course prep will be inspire me as my own course work did years ago...

In the meantime, the site will continue to reside over at the original URL: http://www.geocities.com/schtimpy27

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