Anagrams, or the rearrangement of the letters in a word to spell a new word, are said to tell a lot about a person. It often seems as if they are very reflective of the person. But if anything, they are usually pretty funny. So what can you get by arranging "Mathieu Schneider"? Well, I hope this one isn't too reflective: "Hence! I'm a rude shit." Here are some others:

Enthused mice hair.

He is a hunted crime.

He is a humid center.

Minus the desire ache.
He is the crude man.

He is numeric death.

I'm the unshared ice.

I'm his nude teacher

The phrase "NHL defenseman Mathieu Schneider" spells these interesting phrases:

Ha! The finer, much-needed manliness
Fine human and cherished elements

What does your name spell?

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