Celtic Astrology

Celtic Astrology is lunar based. The calendar was started by the Druids about 1000 BC. There are thirteen months of 28 days. However, 13 multiplied by 28 only makes 364. To make up for the missing day, a day is just added to the calendar. So the calendar is actually 13 months and one day. Each month (and that special day) is associated with a tree, and that tree's spirits. People born under the sign of any given tree takes on the attributes given to the tree by the Sun. Mathieu's Celtic astrology sign (or tree) is the oak.

"Oak people are enterprising individuals with a refreshing breadth of vision. They also have a keen sense of humor that can make the best of a difficult situation. They are optimists and can speak the truth in all situations. They tend to have a lack of discretion and take financial risks. They are however natural leaders. They are magnetic people with a great deal of integrity. They are deeply philosophical and make generous friends. They are prone to exaggerate and tend to be vain and can at times be blindly optimistic. Oak people are drawn to demanding professions. They often hold positions of power but they have an innate sense of fair play. They enjoy the confrontations in life and make formidable enemies. They can tend to be naive in the way they put trust in others. They attract powerful friendships but can be lack in checking the backgrounds of friends. They can become victims in love because of their trusting natures. They can sometimes set standards in love that are too difficult to live up to. They are very vulnerable in love. They put great importance in moral issues." (see following link for source)

What is your tree?

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