Egyptian Astrology

Egyptian astrology is something that I don't know a lot about, but I did my best to learn it. Here is the story behind Mathieu's Egyptian birth sign, Seth. (The following story was found on a web site in English and French, but I have done some translating and paraphrasing where the original was not clear. Also, any text within parenthesis will be my added notes were the myths may not be common knowledge.)

[seth] Seth or the discord. The soul burned by the desire, fascinated by the success of its brother Osiris, Seth, generated by resentment, explodes in violence which culminates the climbing of these all too human sentiments: anger and jealousy.
Seth is a power perverted. Its hateful determination to delete all trace of its divine brother is checked by Isis (Egyptian goddess of fertility and sister and wife of Osiris), then by the god Horus (Egyptian solar deity and son of Isis); this will lead to the killing of his brother in a war. Seth beaten, becomes the errant covering of the earth, expelled from the fertile ground. Rejected out frontiers, it is then that the god vowed solitude in the desert and foreign regions. This dimension of exile promoted it to the height of a free subject. It like that and not like the first guilty that it disturbs.�

The native Seth lives several years under the fit of the fear, so its imperious demands place it ahead of the perspective of its inadequacy. Anguished by failing to appear- a perfectionist- this native must know many adventures before to fix and to be able to sublimate its violence and its consequences. As strange to its surrounding as that appears, it is for it benefit to wander.

What is your Egyptian Astrological sign?

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