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Despite the uncertainty of the last few weeks (or months, really), Mathieu has been very resilient.

"It’s been a real interesting summer. I’ve known for some time I was going to be moved... We all have to live with the [salary cap] system. I was one of the players who voted for it." -- Atlanta Journal-Constitution / Thrashers Blog

The Sporting News also has some comments about what now Atlanta teammate Garnet Exelby referred to as "the Mathieu Schneider incident." The article includes quotes from Mathieu about how this whole situation reveals some shortcomings of the CBA:

"There were a lot of things that were put into this CBA that players and managers didn't really foresee happening and realize how it would impact their team. It's been a learning experience on the players' side and managements' side. We all have to live with the system. I was one of the players who voted for it. At the end of the day, it has all worked out here. But a lot of player have fallen victim and careers have ended early because of the salary cap."

He really has handled this whole drama with grace and professionalism. Good for him. And a good reflection on the league and the sport.

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