September 17, 2008

Mathieu has cleared waivers: OC Register. Because no team claimed him, Mathieu, and salary, goes back to the Ducks. To get the needed cap room, the Ducks will have to sweeten a trade deal (by adding another player or pick; or accepting another salary in return), or trade another player that teams would take "for free." Mathieu is not something that teams were likely to do that for. He is still an amazing pick-up, but his salary is high and his age is, um, elevated. Plus, with only one year left on his contract, he's a gamble. If teams are going to take on the risk (not to mention help out a rival), they want more. I personally think the Ducks way underestimated the situation, but I digress. Too bad it is someone as experienced and respected as Mathieu (not to mention his family!) who is stuck in the middle of NHL politics, economics, and strategy.

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