7th oldest, and counting

This is a little late (as are many of the updates); I've been traveling for work, and working when not traveling, and fighting against getting sick in those few moments I'm actually doing neither (although, I think I have lost that battle, sniffle sniffle)....

For those keeping score at home, Mathieu is 11 years older than the league average age, and the league's 7th oldest player (behind Chris Chelios, Gary Roberts, Mark Recchi, Curtis Joseph, Teppo Numminnen, and Luke Richardson). In a quote to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, he says he wants to be the oldest player in the league. He takes inspiration from Chelios:
“He trains like a mad man year-round. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who loves the game and loves to be around the rink as much as Chris does. He’s the first one at the rink every morning. He loves the game of hockey, and it’s contagious.”
Mathieu and Chelios have had he same workout regime for the last several summers, so maybe he has a chance to outlast his former (and current?) mentor.

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