And he's already assuming mentor role

It hasn't been a secret that Mathieu coming to Atlanta was as much about mentoring as it was about playing. Of course, Mathieu still has a lot to offer on the ice, but the Thrashers are hoping that he has some skills when it comes to helping incoming rookie Zach Bogosian. In the locker room, the team hs placed the two defensemen's lockers next to each other; on the ice, the two look like they may be paired (but it is early, and lines will shift throughout the season).

Mathieu has already helped, advising the young defenseman on how to approach playing his former Red Wings in the last preseason game, said Bogosian:

"His first day, he came up to me and talked to me right away. Obviously, he made me feel really comfortable. He’s a great leader. It’s good to have a guy like that around to talk." (from Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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