On Gretzky, goals, and teeth

In commemoration of his 1,200 regular season game, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran a summary of some of Mathieu key moments leading up to this milestone. The whole piece is pretty interesting, but the section on perspective is really, well, touching:

" 'It seems like it’s really flown by,' Schneider said. 'It’s my 20th season, and it certainly doesn’t feel that way.

'The only time I realize it is when I look around and so many guys I played with aren’t playing anymore. I think there’s only one [other] guy left from the Stanley Cup team in 1993 [Patrice Brisebois].

That makes me feel pretty good that I’ve been able to keep playing as long as I have. I’m hoping for another 400 or 500 more.

The game’s just so much fun. As I’ve gotten older, it’s become more and more fun.' ”

For those of you counting at home, apparently half of his teeth are his own natural ones. And to add, not only was Wayne Gretzky the most famous of his teammates, Mathieu actually got the second assist on the last point the legend ever record in the NHL. Also, for what it's worth, I remember his "prettiest goal" (which came against my Sharks), and I was there for his first hat trick. Either I'm lucky enough to catch him on good days, or I bring him luck. Hmmm....

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