December 23, 2008

Mathieu scored the first goal of the 3-2 Atlanta win tonight on a beautiful one-timer.

The television feed I got to watch via NHL GameCenter came from the New York Islanders, and the Play-by-Play guy made a comment how it was appropriate he "lights the lamp" for the third time this season on the third night of Hanukkah. And in the 1st intermission, Mathieu was the guest where he breathlessly and sweatily talked about how good it is to get back playing. The interviewer wished him a Happy Hanukkah which got a big smile. See... I'm not the only one who cares about the holiday. Game Summary: Schneider (Valabik, Boulton), 8:54 of 1st; (hooking), 12:30 of 1st; (hooking), 5:24 of 3rd.

Off-Topic: I watched the Dallas game tonight as well. Damn skippy, did Dallas ever kick the crap out of Toronto (w00t B-Rad!). Anyway, the feed for that came from Toronto just as last night's Atlanta game, and I have to say, those announcers really are annoying. But are Canadian commercials ever hilarious. There was this one ad that is 30-seconds of a "newscast" about a missing young couple, beloved by the community and missed desperately by their family and friends, who hadn't been seen for four days. The only time you knew what the ad was for was at the end, when the logo for the erectile disfunction prescription Cialis was shown on the screen. It took me a minute, then I literally laughed out loud.

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