Second night of Hanukkah / Chanukah

Well, for giggles, I thought I'd reprise my online celebration of Hanukkah this year. It conveniently coincides with my two weeks off from work (yes!) and I'm doing one of those "stay-cations" where I take the two weeks to do absolutely nothing except sit on my butt at home (yes!).

For the next 8 nights, I'll try to find some kind of Mathieu-related "gift" to share. So, in honor of the second night of Hanukkah, here is gift number 2.

Last year the Anaheim Ducks, in either an attempt to be inclusive or just shear cluelessness, extended the "Christmas favorites" question to Mathieu. Always a good sport, Mathieu came up with some answers for the question asker that were included with those of his teammates.

Favorite Christmas movie: "Probably Chevy Chase in 'Christmas Vacation.' That's a classic and a great movie for obvious reasons."

Favorite gift: "I always enjoy new clothes. I'm a clothes horse. I love my clothes."

An aside: For those who are interested, here is a neat "what you need to know about Hanukkah" story from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune: Spinning Tales: A Hanukkah Primer. And don't laugh at the graphic. That was the first animated gif I ever made, back in 1997 or so (using Claris Works clip art and a semi-legal copy of Photoshop). It was hot stuff at the time. =)

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