Off-topic: good personal showing, unfortunate team result

Well, Brad Richards' team didn't get the win in his return to Tampa Bay, but he sure did his part, having a hand in both of Dallas' scores. The first one was the one that's getting talked about, and the one that actually made me leap out of my chair in disbelief. B-rad's "brother from another mother," Vincent Lecavalier, scored the first goal of the game; on the next play, 20 seconds later, B-Rad ties it with a goal of his own. Vinny had to go and ruin everything by later scoring the game winner for Tampa. Gee, thanks Vinny! =P

The Lightning put together a video tribute and showed it on the JumboTron. It was set to the song "Momma I'm Coming Home" by Ozzy Osbourne, which is just cruel. I mean, something about that song is sad even without the meaning the lyrics have in this situation.* He was thoroughly applauded by the Tampa crowd, and was gracious about the attention. Though he did seem a little chocked up for a second during the 2nd intermission interview. (But he was kind of breathless, having just coming off the ice... yea, that's it!)

Now, that first "homecoming" is over, so it's upward and onward from here.

*At least it wasn't Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors." That song makes me ball like an infant. Seriously. I tear up whenever I hear it. Yoooou... with the sad eyes...

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