THN's 100 People of Power and Influence

I've been lazy with the updates. I missed one game summary because I was actually out being social, and it just threw me off. But when I was out being social, I was checking out a friend's most recent issue of The Hockey News, and have a Mathieu sighting to report. The December 29th offering is the 10th Annual 100 People of Power and Influence issue. Who's number 52? Mathieu Schneider. Making his first appearance on this list, Mathieu earned a spot for his work with the various off-ice committees. Says the magazine:
"Schneider doesn't just sit in on the competition committee and take notes; he's an active participant. One suggestion he had for opening up the game was to forbid defensemen from skating backwards through the neutral zone. Schneider, 39, is also very vocal in his role as a member of the NHLPA's executive council."
Congratulations Mathieu. I won't make a mention of how Sean Avery actually made the list higher. Oops, I just did. But hey, something like 600+ other players didn't even make the list. So there!

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