Unintentional comedy over at MSG Network

"Hockey Maven" and all-round hockey dude Stan Fischler caught up with Mathieu yesterday for a quick chat during the New Jersey Devils pregame show on the MSG Network. As Mathieu is so involved with the NHLPA, Fischler asked for his thoughts about the current debate as to whether the NHL should begin scheduling games on Christmas (which has traditionally been part of a two day break). As reported by Costa Tsiokos:
Schneider replied (with a huge grin on his face), "Well, I’m Jewish. So you’re asking the wrong guy."

"Actually," he continued, still smirking, "I’ve been pushing for the NHL to take Hannukah off. So that’ll be a nice eight-night break from playing games!"
I'd make a joke about how someone didn't read this blog in December, but seriously, Stan Fischler knows Mathieu well from his days as an Islander and as a Ranger, and I'm sure he knows he's Jewish. Actually, I know that Fischler should know. After all, he wrote More Bad Boys, in which there is a chapter about Mathieu called "Hockey's Star of David." I know this for a fact. I have the book. I picked it up in a bookstore in Vancouver because there was a chapter about Enrico Ciccone; not until I got it home did I realize Mathieu was in it, too. I mean, I didn't exactly pick up a book by that title and look in the Table of Contents or index for "Schneider, Mathieu." I'm still trying to figure out why he made the cut, but hey, he can throw a mean elbow.

EDIT: When this was originally posted, I had the wrong book listed. When I got home (don't tell my boss I posted this at work) and looked at the book on my shelf, I noticed my error. I've corrected it. So there. =P

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