More stuff regarding the power play

An article in today's National Post leads off with the sensational title "Schneider Denies He's a Power-Play Saviour," or savior for us Americanos. But just looking at the stats, one could see why Mathieu's first week as a Canadien has been meet with such praise:
  • The Canadiens went 7 for 12 on the power play since he returned (58%)
  • Since his return, the Canadiens have risen from 25th to 17th place among league leaders in power play success
But Mathieu is quick to play down some of these numbers down:

"We scored three power-play goals in my first game and I touched the puck once (on those three plays).... This is truly a team game. There's no such thing as a saviour. I'm just hoping that I can bring a calming influence, a little leadership."

There is some really good stuff in that article, so I suggest taking a look at it for more quotes and tidbits.

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