Off-Topic: B-Rad, noooooooooo!

I was having a good hockey day. Mathieu was moved to the team I was secretly hoping for, he seems happy about the move, and complementary things are being said about him despite the ugly season.

BUT THEN... Brad Richards has to go and get hurt. I doubt Dallas will say what it is, or that anyone will know anything until at least tomorrow. (Looked like a separated shoulder to me) But I can console myself with the memory of him being a total drama queen last year when he tweaked his knee in a game versus Toronto.

He went down like he was shot, and withered on the ice like his leg was ripped off.

After several minutes on the ice, his teammate had to help him to the runway...

And then he had to be carried to the locker room by trainers...

He played the next game.

So, here's to hoping for the best. 'Cause if he is out for any length of time, I'll have to hurt him! =P

P.S. Whew! I'm glad I didn't book my plane tickets to go see Montreal at Dallas early next month. That would have been unfortunate.

P.S.S. And to be fair to B-Rad, he has only missed something like 2 or 3 games to injury in his entire career. He's pretty damn tough. Plus, I think he had mono during the event described above. It's pretty remarkable he was able to get off his couch let alone play when he had mono, so I'll give him mad props for that, too.

UPDATE: Looks like a broken wrist for B-Rad, per TSN.ca. See this face (as I point at myself)? This is my "I'm really not happy" face! My state of mind right now resembles something a little like this:

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