Some stories to read

I'm catching up on some older blog postings / news stories from the week. Short of anything more creative, here is a listing of stuff from the week that mentioned Mathieu is some way and hasn't been posted yet on this site.

Mike Boone from Habs Inside/Out had this following Mathieu's first game:
"Mathieu Schneider didn't make a bad play all night. His un-nervous, veteran savvy was a big boost to Andrei Markov, and he provided Streit-like point presence on the PP. I don't know that they'll bring him back for next season, but Schneider would really help Ryan O'Byrne."
The official Canadiens site has a "numerical look at Mathieu Schneider," including things like rank among defenseman of all-time in power play scoring (10th), percentage of career points that have come on the power play (52%), and combined +/- rating since 2003-2004 (+79).

There are also articles from The Hockey News and ESPN about Mathieu's journey coming full-circle (not much "new" stuff" in either, but I thought I'd mention them).

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