So, who are the main suitors for Mathieu, as the trade deadline looms only 30 days away? We've heard Buffalo, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa. Now maybe Detroit?

George James Malik (one of my favorite Wings' voices*) doesn't think it makes sense. Neither do I. He's not what they need, and they didn't want him a few years ago anyway. Red Wings fans can vilify Schneider as the guy who "bolted for big money" all they want, but the reality is that the Wings fully intended to pursue Brian Rafalski who fit better with their future plans and is more likely to play nice with Mike Babcock.

*George is also one of the few outspoken Wings fans whom I actually respect. He's smart, fair, and balanced (even if he does have his slips into homerism now and then). He is the person who pops in my mind and gives me pause when I want to dismiss all Wings' fans as being totally pathological. He's one of the (very) few things I miss about Mathieu's time in Detroit. Yay "Homer."

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