March 12, 2009

How dedicated am I? I'm updating this while sitting on the floor of the Washington State Convention Center between sessions of the conference I'm attending (it's the national conference for ACRL, the Association of College and Research Libraries, just in case you care).

Too bad the Canadiens aren't as dedicated. They apparently got booed off the ice yesterday after dropping a game in overtime, at home, to one of the worst teams in the league. I can't really say if the booing was justified (or if I can say the Habs aren't dedicated), since I didn't see the game. Game Center didn't connect to the game for a long time, so I switched to the Pittsburgh game, and then the Dallas game. By the time I realized the Montreal game was being shown, I was too hung up watching Dallas. (I know, I know, I feel slight shame for choosing a Stars game, sans B-Rad even, for a Mathieu game; but it was actually a good game)

Anyway... Mathieu had 21:22 of ice-time, 4 shots, an even rating, and an assist on what was the game tying goal (before the Isles' young gun Kyle Okposo got the winner for New York in OT).

Game summary: Kostopoulos (Markov, Schneider), 9:14 of 2nd.

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