April 18, 2009; playoffs round 1, game 2

Again, the game was on Versus, plus I was out celebrating my birthday, so I didn't see the game. Sounded pretty ugly. Boston's Milan Lucic was assessed a match penalty after hitting a Canadiens player in the face with his stick, with the scrum starting after Mathieu hit Lucic with a high-stick. Apparently, Lucic went after Mathieu following the high stick, and, that being the mismatch that it is, Montreal's Maxim Lapierre stepped in and got a nasty glove/butt-end of the stick to the face from Lucic. I have no idea who was in the wrong or who started it or what. I'm sure both sides will say the other was at fault. Mathieu was penalized for the high-stick, and Lucic presumably will have a chat with the league. Both teams will probably be getting a talking to by the league. All I know for certain is this a nasty series, and the Habs are running out of time to pull it together. In addition to his indiscretions with Lucic, Mathieu played 19:03, had 3 shots on goal, and finished even in the +/- stat.

Here is some post-game audio

Playoff game summary: (interference), 18:46 of 1st; (high-sticking), 15:28 of 3rd.

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