But no defending this one

Mathieu Schneider has had several weeks to improve his statistics since moving from the Thrashers to the Canadiens. Schneider has actually lost ground in ANP over the past few weeks. So much for the excuses I’ve been making for you, Mathieu! --Timo Seppa from Puck Prospectus
What is ANP? Adjusted Net Penalty rating. That is, penalties taken vs penalties drawn, with a little adjustment thrown in there to deal with 5 on 5 penalties versus others, and other stuff. Sorry, it is late and I'm hungry... you'll have to figure it out the "A" part on your own. =P

Anyway, Mathieu has taken 28 penalties and drawn, drum roll, 2. Um, yeah, Mathieu, that's pretty bad. If I was just plain mean, I'd say he takes lots of penalties because he's an old fart who has lost a step. But I'm not mean. Instead I'll say that he takes lots of penalties because he's old and slow. That's nicer, right?

*In all real honesty, he's never really been that fast. I'm not sure age has much to do with it, but that makes an easy target.

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