Can you feel the love?

Mathieu is so sweet. He always has such nice things to say about his teammates. Either he is lucky enough to play with the best players ever, or he just loves everyone he meets.1 Every player he plays with is the greatest ever. He had this to say about his partner on defense, Andrei Markov:
“I don’t think he gets enough credit for his play in his end, playing both sides of the puck. He certainly should be a top Norris candidate this year, without a doubt.” (from The Hockey News)
I love you, man!
So if you are having a bad day, at least know that Mathieu loves you. He loves you a lot. You're the best!

1I can appreciate that. You pretty much have to call me ugly and punch me in the face for me to not like you, or at least have me say something less than complimentary. I always look for some good side. It is an affliction, really.

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