Habs out and Mathieu slightly slandered

I'm late to this, and everyone knows by now that the Habs were officially eliminated after 4 games. Mathieu only played two games, missing the final two due to injuring (presumably the shoulder injury).

Lots of drama coming out of Montreal, and I prefer to steer clear of it all. I feel bad enough my team is tanking, I don't want to be utterly depressed by the craziness of the Montreal media. I mean, this garbage was quite enough to turn me off for awhile:
"I think it was just a snowball effect. They (Schneider & Tanguay) said, 'Whoa, what happened to Bouillon here? I don't want to be put in that situation. I'm a free agent. I wanna sign.'" (quote via All Habs; it was a radio interview in French, so I'm depending on the dependable folks at that blog for a translation)
That was former coach and now commentator Jacques Demers insinuating that Mathieu and fellow injured Canadien Alex Tanguay were sitting out to better there chances of signing next year. Whether is was taken out of context, or just not what Demers really meant, I don't know. But to question Mathieu's injury (and Alex, too) and his commitment to his team is ludicrous and insulting. They both deserve an apology, but I doubt that will be forthcoming.

Alex Tanguay was none to happy with the insinuation, saying bluntly "if I was healthy, I would have played," (via Ottawa Citizen), but Mathieu has had no public response. Then again, no sense wasting his time on such idiocy. What, why did I waste my time?

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