The morning after

Here are some takes from the game last night:

Check out the audio from habsinsideout.com (some really great stuff in there)

From the Montreal Gazette:
"It was never that bad. I felt great out there and I'm just going to continue to play. There's nothing that concerns me."
Pat Hickey gives Mathieu some kudos, saying he wears the "CH on (his) heart."

"About Last Night" from Mike Boone has the same take on Mathieu's "I'm fine!" proclamations: "Yeah, sure." (Hey, Mike Boone said something about Mathieu without making a comment abouthis age!)

Whatever you say Mathieu, this comeback is going down in Mathieu Schneider lore. Just like that time you took a stick to the eye in Toronto, hopped in a cab in full gear*, had it checked in the hospital, and came back to play the third period.

*He didn't really take a cab; an ambulance took him. But it makes a great story...

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Anonymous said...

No matter how the season ends, I think the acquisition of Schneider was a huge success. He truly made a huge difference since he's been here, and the game in Boston is just another proof of that. Bravo Mathieu!