Set to go

Mathieu is good to go and ready to return. As reported the other day, he is simply waiting to be activated, and that can only be as early as October 25.

Says Mathieu:
"I feel great right now, I think I've been ready for about a week. I just feel 100 per cent. I'm excited and ready to get going. I've had enough practising. It gets monotonous. I've had that Oct. 25 circled for quite a while." (From The Province)
He has been traveling with the team all along, which has helped adjust to the new team. Apparently, he even has claimed a seat on the plane as his.

An added bonus: It looks like Canucks fans are as anxious for Mathieu to join the team as he is. Some nice comments from Nucks Misconduct.

EDIT: Just now from The Sporting News' writer Craig Custance's Twitter feed: "Just chatted with Mathieu Schneider - asked if he was playing Saturday. He said, 'I think so.'" (http://twitter.com/CraigCustance/status/5059762743)

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