Off-topic: B-Rad is Awesome

We interrupt our normally scheduled Mathieu devotion for some unbridled B-Rad love.

By now, you know my Brad Richards story. B-Rad moved into second favorite player and "backup guy" status in about 2000, when Enrico Ciccone retired and Mathieu struggled to regain his awesomeness. I was an "undercover" B-Rad fan until I started posting a few things here and there last year. Of course, last year was tough, as he went through what Mathieu went through those years that I started following him.

But like Mathieu, I knew he'd bounce back. He has too much natural talent and too much work ethic to have seasons like he had just had.

Ta da! I willing admit that as a pretty dedicated fan of his play, even I never imagined just how right I would be. CHECK IT OUT!!

Yup... that's a screen capture from NHL.com of the leagues scoring leaders as of November 25, 2009. And yes, that is B-Rad at slot number #4, just three points behind the 3 guys tied for the lead.

He's going at a 1.36 points per game clip. He's scored in 17 of the 22 games he's played (he missed two with a lingering groin strain), and 9 of those games have been multiple point games (including a 4 point game against New Jersey).

At this pace, he'd have about 111 points on the season (his career best is 91).

He'll slow down I'm sure, but I'm enjoying the heck out of this while it lasts. And who know, I underestimated his revival... maybe I underestimate his ability to remain this hot for 60 more games.

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