For money or play?

So far into his tenure with the Manitoba Moose, Mathieu's reviews have not been exactly glowing. And he's continued to take a lot of hits from the media not related to on-ice stuff. Even old buddy Red Fisher in Montreal suggested he just showed up in Manitoba to cash his check. I didn't link to that story the other day because a) it was ridiculous, and b) he's written the same story about Mathieu about 500 times, so nothing new to really report anyway.

Mathieu has disputed that several times, saying he just wants to play. The New York Times blog today gave him a little back up on that. Using quotes previously seen in some Winnipeg Sun articles, Mathieu's desire to play is clearly shown. He's not a grumpy, disgruntled old veteran. (I have my thoughts, not all flattering, but I'm about to get in enough trouble, so I'll leave that at that)

I don't know all the sides of the story, but I'll say this much: who ever does he PR for the Vancouver Canucks should be hired by Tiger Woods. They came out of the situation with pretty much all blame on someone other than themselves. It's none too attractive, and while their fans may eat it up, it makes me look at them differently. I still love the city of Vancouver*, but my hockey opinion of them is not all that great (it's been pretty tenuous since the whole Bertuzzi thing, anyway, but I digress...). But it's ok, during the preseason I picked them to win the Stanley Cup this year, and that is pretty much the kiss of death. =P

*I always said that if I didn't live here in the SF Bay Area, I'd live in Vancouver. I still say that, but after this summer, watch out Vancouver... Montreal moved WAY up on my list.

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