January 22, 2010... and a little off-topic chatter

First things first... I'm happy to report that Brad Richards' face is ok! I was watching the Dallas at Edmonton game tonight, and he took a scary high stick to the eye from, ironically, Ethan Moreau. The stick got right under his visor and gauged his orbital bone (luckily, it looks like it didn't get him in the eye at all). In true B-Rad dramatic fashion, he flailed so explosively while grabbing his face, he threw a glove in the stands. But after getting checked out on the bench (and getting his glove back from the crowd), he returned to the ice and finished the game. Whew! Eye injuries are terrifying! As are potential B-Rad facial scars. =P

Ok, back to Mathieu action. And Mathieu was back in action. Woo! Not sure the rest of the team realized there was a game, though. The Moose got creamed, dropping the game 8-3 to the Hershey Bears. Amazingly, Mathieu was rated even and had 2 shots and a goal. But... he took two penalties (Hershey scored on the first one). No word on any Mathieu facial injuries. I hope not. I can really only take so much in one day.

Game summary: Schneider (Nycholat, Desbiens), 10:55 of 1st (PP); (hooking), 2:30 of 2nd; (delay of game), 17:00 of 3rd.

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