To Moose or not to Moose

If there is one thing I'm good at, besides sitting on my butt and eating french fries, it is offering unsolicited advise and talking out of my butt. Last night, I tossed and turn all night, save maybe 4 hours. Gave me plenty of time to think. I'm not necessarily sure that was a good thing, nor am I convinced that the thoughts I had were all that great. I thought about Mathieu's situation, and for better or worse here are my thoughts:

Go to the Manitoba Moose.

Don't go to showcase yourself. Don't go to prove something. Go to see if you really do still want to PLAY. Step on the ice with different players in a different setting, without all the NHL hoopla and privilege; change in some less than plush dressing rooms; ride the bus. If stripping away the glory does not dampen the desire to play, than work your ass off and you'll be back in no time. If it makes you mope and doesn't stir anything inside, then that is the signal to retire. It is about the game.

But then again, who am I? I don't have special insights or insider info. The past three weeks have just blown my mind. I've followed Mathieu for going on 17 years.* I've seen low moments, slumps, issues with coaches, contract negotiations... I've never seen this. I'm at a lose. I can't defend him or criticism him... I just don't know what is going on.

I just hope for a quick and appropriate resolution because, if anything, I'd really like to sleep.

*Damn! That's more than half my life!

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Maureen said...

Well said! I agree that if Mathieu is still playing for his love of the game it shouldn't matter where, or the conditions of the dressing room or transportation issues. I'm saddened to see that when he finally played in my city, it didn't last long and probably ended his hockey career.
I've been away from Vancouver (and GM Place) so really haven't heard anything about what happened...