Vancouver has defenseman issues

So my apartment is being re-painted. It has been dragging on for awhile. A couple nights ago, the paint smell was so strong, I had to sleep over at my folks' house. Last night, I braved it and slept at home. Probably the soundest sleep I've had in awhile. Maybe I was unconscious... because apparently Mathieu aged two years while I was sleeping:
...it seems the Canucks would be loathe to call up 42-year-old veteran NHLer Mathieu Schneider, with whom they've had a falling out and who is nursing a groin injury of his own. (from Winnipeg Free Press)
Joking aside, the Vancouver Canucks are losing defensemen left and right and now even the Manitoba Moose are becoming short defenseman because they've needed to call up so many. (The pissy part of me says it's karma for overstocking defensemen and forcing so many to sit "just in case," but I digress)

Way back in December, when asked if Mathieu was a distraction in the locker room, his teammates said they didn't even know anything was going on. Obviously, after all this, it would be a distraction and a circus. Maybe if the media hadn't blown stuff up so much, it wouldn't became such a big deal now. Oh, and if Alain Vigneault wasn't such a crap coach and personnel manager. But again, I digress.

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