Almost ready to go?

Ok, yeah, so this time I was just lazy with updates. =P

But to my credit, not much has been said about the trade. Probably because Mathieu is out with an injury anyway.

Here is what has happened. He was traded to Phoenix, cleared waivers, and has been skating hard with an anticipated return next week or so.

The Arizona Republic had a little piece on him, and they mentioned the smile. It is the thing everyone notices about him first. No matter how bad this year has been, it doesn't show on his face. They also talk about, what else, his age. And in the article Mathieu himself makes a mistake (that has since been repeated by a few newspapers, and the NY Times' Slap Shot blog):
"I am the oldest player in the league right now, but honestly I feel great.
Whoops. Mark Recchi (who had a goal for Boston tonight) still holds that title by over a year (Mark just turned 42 last month).

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