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Sorry. I should update. It's just hard to get into it when a) Mathieu isn't even playing, and b) I'm busy choking back the puke from having to deal with the Detroit Red Wings.

Anyway, I'm taking the lazy way out, and giving some links and quotes.

About what you need to win in the playoffs: "It's not a secret the formula for success: goaltending and special teams. That being said, I think there are definitely areas where we can get better. We don't want to put them on the power play as much as we did (in game one). Momentum changes in a series shift to shift and game to game, and you just have to be sharp every opportunity you get on the ice." (Arizona Republic)

About playing on the oft-dismissed Arizona hockey team: "It's pretty amazing, over the year, how they've changed the attitude of hockey in Phoenix. Being here, you can see why." (Detroit Free Press)

About his career beyond this year: "The last five or six years of my career, I've said it before, have been the most fun time of my career. Even though I've bounced around a little bit this year, my kids enjoy watching me still."  (Detroit Free Press

Sorry, I can't do much more than. Too much Detroit press in my news feed. I feel the blood rushing to my face and the barf building in my throat. If you want, just go to the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News sites and you can read all of their cherry picked quotes of Mathieu gushing over how great the Wings are. Now if you excuse me, I need to shower.

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