Off-topic: Brads abound

Not much news to report on, so here is an off-topic post for the day. I wish I could do this with a Mathieu theme, but, alas, his name is too unique. Other than the beatboxing flutist, not many other Mathieu Schneiders are making news.  But Brad Richards? Yeah, he has a lot of people with his name out there and they pop up in some of the oddest ways in my Google News alerts.  Often times giggles come in the form of major news outlets confusing Brad and Mike Richards. But some are as far from hockey related as you can get.

Here are some examples of noteworthy Brad Richards' that have popped up in my RSS feeds in the last few months:
And the winner... for some odd reason a "plastic surgery, face lift, breast augmentation" blog popped up in my reader today. The preview said there was a post about a "Brad Richards" but I didn't see anything on the site about him (whoever he is). Not sure B-Rad is or should be in the market for any facial upgrades. He's looking pretty good. (Meow!) But I do now have great mental images of B-Rad getting new boobs.

ADDED NOTE: Being a responsible professional, I was thumbing through my copy of American Libraries today and learned that the new treasurer of the American Library Association is James Neal. I'm sure this James Neal is cool and all, but damn, how awesome would it be to have James "Real Deal" Neal handling the finances of the ALA? Oh, wait, it'd be funny, but doubtful that it'd be a solid fiscal choice. He'd probably blow all our dues on chicken wings and Dr Pepper.

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