December 20, 2008

Mathieu returned to the ice last night, and didn't do too much in the Atlanta win, at least according to the scoresheet. I was busy stimulating the economy so I didn't catch the game, which incidentally was the first he's played since I finally broke down and shelled out the bucks for NHL Game Center only for him to get injured the next day... but I'm not bitter. =) I know I can go back and watch it after the fact (thank you NHL Game Center!), but I haven't yet.

He had no shots on goal (huh?, Mathieu?), 19:23 minutes of ice-time, and a penalty. Tune to the Yahoo! photo gallery for an image of Mathieu in action in the game. Well, tune in for Mathieu, but stay to try to figure out how the heck Vinny Lecavalier can bend that way.

Game summary: (interference), 14:42 of 3rd.

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