More "Mathieu will be moved" talk

A million stories have come out, and each one is slightly different. And we all know that we know nothing until it happens. But, it being my responsibility here at the Unofficial Mathieu Schneider Home Page to keep abreast of all developments, here is another take on his future, this time from Scott Burnside at ESPN:
Hard to imagine the 39-year-old Schneider won't be headed somewhere with the Thrashers a million miles from the postseason. Could he help the Ranges' power play? Sure. And if the Blue Jackets remain in the playoff hunt, he might help out Ken Hitchcock's crew in Columbus, where the Blue Jackets boast the NHL's worst power play.
A wise man name Enrico Ciccone once said "the day I'm not mentioned in trade rumors is the day I retire" (that's more or less a direct quote; I'm doing it from memory on the fly). He meant that when people stopped talking trade they stopped talking about wanting him. With Mathieu's lousy season (especially after the previous post), I'd take these persistent trade talks as a form of flattery.

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