Parlez-Vous Français?

The Mathieu to Montreal rumor gets some French infusion today with an article posted by Richard Labbé at cyberpress.ca today.

You see, the Canadian still needs a defender. Everyone knows that, and everyone, that includes Mr Bob. It is undoubtedly why the rumours of the return of Mathieu Schneider in Montreal do not want to die. It appears that the veteran defender would have meant his intention to move, and Thrashers of Atlanta, which are excluded from the eliminating heats since October approximately, extremely probably will try to exchange it soon.

A 39 year old defender, who touches wages of 5,7 million this season, can really help the Canadian? I imagine that will depend on the price to pay. Bob Gainey will not give a promising young talent to Thrashers in return of a guy who does not have any more as a good a long time. But if the price to be paid is not too high, why not?
I'll try not to get too excited, because, after all, Mathieu always says its the trades you don't hear about that happen.

LATE EDIT: Some more blog talk: Your Habs. And the Voice of Valeri that boldly said yesterday the deal was done just not announced has backed off a little, this time simply saying that the Canadiens "are apparently the frontrunners for his services."

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