Rumor du jour

This just popped up on my Google blog alert: a deal that sends Mathieu to the Montreal Canadiens is done, but not yet official. That's random. It's also from a blog (Voice of Valeri) that reports that Ottawa has just fired their coach (and Ottawa's owner just officially announced that no such action has taken place).

That would be interesting, though.

LATE EDIT: Ok, what's up with this? In the "TSN Quiz," the panel was asked "Will the Montreal Canadiens make a major move before the trade deadline?," and John Tortorella's answer is "Yes, a puck-moving defenceman. You can never have enough Mathieu Schneider -type players."

Then, Robert Lang scores a hat-trick in the Habs' win over the Rangers, and the headline is "Trick of the Trade." Seeing the Habs and the word "trade" in large letters made me double take. Does TSN know something? Should I really pay attention to this rumor?

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