February 15, 2009

Wow. Mathieu's first return to Anaheim since the trade ended in a slaughter. A duck roast. The Thrashers thrashed (huh huh) the Ducks 8-4. Whoa! In 20:02 of ice-time, Mathieu had an assist, 5 shots, a penalty, and registered a +2. Game summary: Peverley (Schneider, Reasoner), 3:57 of 1st; (holding), 16:38 of 3rd.

Semi-off-topic: There was a little write up about the criteria for "3 stars of the game" the other day. Terry Frei of the Denver Post brought up the issue because some times the 3 star selection seems off the wall, and he suggests that the system needs tweaking. I've noticed that sometimes the choices seem a bit far fetched too, but don't pay too much attention. But tonight gives some fodder to the discussion. In a 8-4 trouncing by Atlanta, Anaheim players were made 2 of the 3 stars. That's just ridiculous. Laughable. Embarrasing. Whichever SoCal media person picked those should be publicly scorned. Way to make a mockery of the 3 stars system, dumbass!


Patty (in Dallas) said...

The Ducks are notorious for that. They made Brad May the 3rd Star once last year in an embarrassing loss to the Stars, and he only played about 5 minutes.

Sarah said...

well, I know it is a member of the media who picks. Does Brian Hayward count as media? Because he's delusional enough to not see anything wrong with the bizarre choices.