What do the Atlanta Thrashers' players do on long flights this year? Well, wonder no more as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution sheds some light on the activities aboard the team's charter plane. There is the usual video game playing, then there is this gem:
All those flights are no fun for Zach Bogosian, who takes motion-sickness pills. Fortunately, he’s good at sleeping on planes. When he’s awake you’ll see him talking with Mathieu Schneider, who’s armed with a book for when Bogosian nods off.
So, Mathieu reads. And talks to Zach Bogosian. And apparently tries to not get barfed on by Zach Bogosian. =)

P.S. The American Library Association has these iconic "READ" posters, where many famous folks pose with a favorite book and encourage reading. A couple of NY Rangers were in one a few years ago, and next time a hockey player pops up on one I'm so getting it for my office. I think Mathieu needs to be on a "READ" poster. I might buy 5 for my office. =)

I'm tempted to photoshop my own using this photo from a 1990 issue of Les Canadiens magazine:

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