February 27, 2009

Tonight on this beautiful Friday night, I'm sitting at home, with my plants, enjoying a burger, fries, and beer, watching the Habs take on the Flyers in Philly via Game Center on my computer screen. (Be jealous of my social life) The game is mostly a cluster-you know what from the beginning, but it all changes halfway through overtime. In that overtime, over the course of a little under a minute, Mathieu has his first three shots on goal of the game... and the game winning goal. Boo-yeah!
yeah, that was the same face I made
(AP Photo/The Canadian Press,Ryan Remiorz)

He had an assist earlier in the game. He had 25:44 of total ice-time, was on the ice for both Montreal power play goals, and finished a +1. He wasn't one of the 3 stars because Keith Jones of Comcast Sportsnet picked them and he's apparently still bitter about Mathieu dumping him over the boards into the bench in 1996. (I have that hit on a VHS tape somewhere-- it was awesome1)

Want some audio? You got it! Courtesy of the Montreal Gazette.
Want some video? Sure! Take a look at the goal via NHL Network Online
Wants some pis from the game? The Gazette's got you covered again. And yet some more.
Want an on camera interview? TSN's provides (at least for the next few weeks before the link dies)

Game summary: Plekanec (Schneider, Kovalev), 16:25 of 1st; Schneider (Kovalev, Koivu), 3:21 of OT.

1I thought I had a picture of it, too. And digging through my archives o' images, sure enough, I do. It's tiny and crappy, but remember that the Internet was not all that hot in 1996. I must have grabbed it off of an AOL news story.

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