Yet more "Mathieu Schneider is old"

Ok, Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette. I'm all for rhetorical hyperbole, but calling Mathieu a "relative fossil"? Ouch. He's not that old! =) And there are 6 players older than him in the league right now anyway (it was 5 after Luke Richardson's retirement, but then Claude Lemeiux, 43, came back).

Besides, you can't deny he looks damn good for a 20+ year veteran of the National Hockey League staring down the barrel of age 40. Half the NHL doesn't have hair that awesome!


Anonymous said...

I see where that "fossil" just scored the game winning goal. Yea!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and he does have great hair.

Sarah said...

I've always admired his thick raven mane. It's pretty much the same color as my hair, but sadly I have more gray. And I'm 9 years younger. I'm not bitter. =\