Bob Gainey and Mathieu Schneider

I wish I had an article to back this up but I can only go from memory on this. When Mathieu was with the Toronto Maple Leafs, things weren't going well. It got to a point where the Maple Leafs were rumored to be in discussion with the Dallas Stars to somehow use Mathieu as compensation for luring Dallas Stars GM Gainey away from the Stars. I'm not sure it made it past an idea between the teams, but Mathieu once referred to his time in Toronto with a laugh, saying "they tried to trade me for Bob Gainey."

This story, straight from the recesses of my ever-crowded brain, has nothing to do with anything really. I just thought I'd mention it today, as the current GM of Mathieu's team, one Mr. Bob Gainey, is now the current coach of Mathieu's team after he assumed the reigns of the team after firing Guy Carbonneau this morning.

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