March 8, 2008

Mathieu made an impression in Dallas... or more like an impression in Steve Ott's face. The ice crew at American Airlines Center is still looking for Otter's teeth. Seriously.

As Dallas' "petulant little ice troll"* came in for a check in the corner, Mathieu got his hands up to brace for it and caught Ott straight in the grill with his stick. Youch. From the lovely shots from the Dallas broadcast, it looks like the trainer was actually pulling Ott's teeth out on the bench. Probably a bridge, but still. That was all kinds of nasty. For Mathieu's part, it was pretty accidental, but still a double-minor. But with the totally awesome B-Rad currently B-Roken and out of the lineup, Dallas apparently couldn't score on the power play if I was in net, so Montreal's great penalty killers pretty easily killed it off. For the rest of the first period, Montreal paraded themselves into the penalty box. At the start of the second period, 4 Habs were in the box at once. (Next guy in would have had to sit on Kovy' lap, so they wisely cleaned up their act a bit). All the penalty killing time, plus the four minute stint in the box himself, limited Mathieu's ice time (17:24 total), and he only had one shot on goal.

All in all, kind of a quiet Mathieu game, other than the amateur dentistry, but an important win for Montreal. Game summary: high-sticking- double minor), 8:37 of 1st.

*description courtesy his #1 fan Myra

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