March 24, 2009

Things are just about back up to speed here at the Unofficial mathieu Schnieder Homepage headquarters after a very hectic 10 days or so. I'm back from the conference and not so preoccupied with my presentation; I have the new computer up and running after the unfortunate water bottle in the backpack incident on the plane; I have my internet access back after AT&T mistaken shut me down while I was in Seattle; I even have said internet running at the proper speed after several days of dial-up speeds. But after all the AT&T tweaking to my DSL line, my IP address got all screwy and NHL GameCenter wasn't recognizing me and blacked me out of all the games. Thankfully, they resolved the issue very quickly, but I missed most of the games.

Anyway, after all that, there isn't too much Mathieu news to report. Montreal snapped their stinky streak and bested the Thrashers 6-3. Mathieu was back to more reseaonable minutes (17:33 total), though Mike Boone still thinks "the geezer" is playing too many. Game summary: Tanguay (Kovalev, Schneider). 7:21 of 1st.

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