Off-topic: B-Rad is B-Ack turns into B-Rad is B-Roken, version 2.0

I had tickets to the Dallas Stars / San Jose Sharks game today. I knew Mathieu wouldn't last the season with Atlanta (I was right), and thought getting tickets to see the Thrashers game would be fruitless (I was right), so I picked up Dallas tickets so I could at least see one of my guys play in town. Brad Richards is always a good bet to see play live because dude is a freak of nature when it comes to remaining in the line-up. Prior to February 17, he had only missed 6 games out of a possible 625 in his NHL career, and only 4 of those were due to injury (seriously, I did the math exhaustively; I was bored, what can I say).

But of course, B-Rad's streak of super-humanness ended when he broke his wrist 5 weeks ago. That day I looked at the calendar and thought "well, at least I saw him in November." A broken wrist is a minimum of 6-8 weeks recovery time. No way he could be recovered in time for the SJ game... or so I thought.

Sure enough, B-Rad returned to the line-up today, almost a full two weeks before anyone expected. Yay B-Rad! Yay Stars! Yay me!

Christina's pic from the warm-up
After missing 15 games with the broken right wrist, he played 15 minutes in the game. Were they keeping his minutes low in his return to ease him back in the line-up? Nope. He played 15 minutes because that is how long it was before he broke his left hand!

That is all.

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