March 4, 2009

Oops, sorry. I didn't get around to game review stuff last night as I was busy catching up on stuff at home. Ya know, important stuff like paying bills, opening mail, washing dishes, ironing clothes, and watching Lost.

Anyway, the game was pretty rough. Despite starting the game with a 18-4 shot advantage, the Habs were dropped in Buffalo 5-1. Mathieu was in the penalty box for the first goal, but it was for a silly delay of game when he accidentally tipped the puck over the glass. It didn't even really go over. It grazed the netting.

More concerning was that the Montreal power play that has been so explosive since Mathieu's return fizzled. The team went 0/5, marking the first game since Mathieu's return the team has been held off the score sheet on the power play. For his part of the game, Mathieu was on the ice for 6:26 of power play time (24 minutes even total), had 2 shots, a penalty, and was a -1.

Game summary: (delay of game- puck over glass), 17:35 of 1st.

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