What do you see first?

We've all seen this image. What do you see first? A vase? Or the two faces?

Of course that is one of the classic optical illusions of all time. While not a direct parallel (they aren't exactly optical illusions) sometimes AP photos give us more to see than one image per frame.

Like this one from last season (click to enlarge):
What do you see first? A simple picture of Mathieu Schneider playing as a member of the Anaheim Ducks in a National Hockey League game. Or a creepy, up-side-down, flying, crying baby?

And here is my new favorite (click to enlarge):What do you see first? A picture Mathieu Schneider and his Montreal Canadiens teammates celebrating an overtime goal? Or a Phily fan flipping them off?


laughs2loud said...

That upside down baby was pretty creepy.

What does it mean if you see the vase first?

Are you sure that Brad counter is working? It seems to be moving too slow.

Sarah said...

Check out the update about that creepy flying screaming baby: Adventures in Photoshop

Apparently it really creeped out Upper Deck, too.

And sadly, the B-Rad counter looks right. It is set up to assume an April 2 return date (6 weeks after the cast, if my math is correct)