2008-2009 regular season by the numbers

Now that the season is over, how about a statistical recap?

This regular season saw him finish with some icky stats.

67 games / 9 goals / 23 assists / 32 points / 64 penalty minutes / -12

Six of those goal, and 12 of the assists (18 total points) came from the power play.

I had a post not long about Mathieu's statistics this year, comparing his numbers with Atlanta and Montreal. As I mentioned in that post, if Mathieu had the same pace all season as he had with Montreal, he'd have the best offensive year of his career. But, his dismal numbers in Atlanta (the worst in his career) had him too far in the hole to overcome.

Because his number of games played varies (sometimes wildly) from season to season, raw numbers are bad comparisons. But if you look at points per game, he fell way off, registering only .477 points per game, the lowest number since the 1999-2000 season.

This was also the first year since that 1999-2000 season that he finished a minus in the ever controversial plus/minus statistical category.

As for ice time, here are some impressive numbers. He had a total of 1,575 shift, and his total time on ice (TOI) was 1,407:18. The 39 year old veteran of 20 seasons was on the ice for 23 hours, 27 minutes, and 18 seconds. He averaged 23.5 shift, and 21 minutes even per game.

So... in the end, his numbers were not all that impressive, and continue a bit of a downward tend that he's been on his that career peak in 2005-2006. But his still very high total on ice time, and the fact that his numbers got better later in the season, signal that he's not done yet.

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