April 11, 2009 (plus an open rant regarding the NHL's miserable TV dealings)

Oops, sorry, I'm kind of late on this review. The game was on the NHL Network,* so I couldn't see it. But I heard that Mathieu was kind of the goat on Pittsburgh's game winning goal. On the power play, Alex Kovalev's pass went astray and Mathieu dove in an attempt to hold it in. But, he missed, and from down on the ice, he couldn't get back in defensive position and Maxime Talbot scored. Bummer.

He played 22:22, had 3 shots, was a -1, and pointless. Wait... "pointless" sounds harsh. He was without a point (there, that's better).

*You've all seen my rants about the GameCenter blackouts. I bought NHL GameCenter so I could watch at least some hockey online. I don't have cable, so this is my only way to see games. Sure, there are a lot of unauthorized streams out there on the 'Net, but I wanted to "play nice." Anyway, I've always been a bit sour about missing ALL of my home teams's games (because they are blacked out due to me being in the local TV market, even though I don't have cable, thus can't see them anyway). But more and more, I find even the out of market games I'd like to see are being put on the NHL Network, so they also get blacked out. Turns out, I'm missing more games I want to see than I'm able to actually watch. =(

Anyway, I was soooooo close to actually breaking down and getting cable. But, in order to get the package that has both the local sports channel (so I can see my Sharks) and the fringe national networks that carry hockey, I have to get the "Digital Starter" package from Comcast (the only cable provider in my area; I'm a renter, so a satellite dish is not an option.). I thought, hey, I'll be pissed, but can swing $30 (plus applicable taxes) a month; I'm already paying $20 for the privilege of being blacked out so what's to lose. But of course, there is the fine print. It goes up to $60 a month after 6 months. Ummmm.... how 'bout no.

I can't pay $720 (plus the add on Center Ice fees) a year for something I really don't want (except for the hockey). Actually, I can. But I'm one of those responsible Americans who lives within my means, and that $720 will come out of the money I save to use for fun stuff, like actual tickets to Sharks games. So, there you have it NHL.... either I, a loyal fan for almost 20 years, ends up cursing you every other day when it turns out yet another game I wanted was blacked out, or I take the money I would be giving to YOU directly and giving it to Comcast, instead.

I guess that's what you get for being a coward and not standing up to the organized crime syndicate that is the cable companies. I love hockey, but I'm not going to be strong armed into getting something damn costly that I DON'T WANT in order to get a little something that I do want. If it comes down to it, I'll have to give up the little thing I want... and that is you, NHL.

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