Injury update

So yeah, it's bad. The Montreal Gazette is echoing the report from TSN/RDS, saying surgery is necessary and the season for Mathieu is over. The team will issue an update after the game.

Stay tune for updates as they happen...

UPDATE (9:30 Pacific time): The post game update from Bob Gainey was apparently not much of an update. When asked to verify if the reports of season ending injuries to Markov and Schneider were correct, he said "I can't verify that." Here's the audio, via habsinsideout.com (part is in French, part in English; his English comments begin about 1:40 in).

Um, dude, you are the freakin' GM/coach. Yes, you can in fact confirm that. You just don't want to. There is a difference. Arpon Basu says pretty much that in his latest blog offering: When secrecy becomes insulting.

Total side note: I love hearing someone speak about Mathieu in French. They still call him "Matthew," even though it is spelled the French way and that would be one of the few times it would make sense to pronounce it "properly" as "Muh-tew" (for lack of a better phonetic spelling).


NaturalBornPlayer said...

Do you understand french ?

If yes...read this :


NaturalBornPlayer said...

OH God I hope its true...we need him so much!!!!

Sarah said...

My French is pretty bad, but I am reading some reports that he is "possible" for tonight, then I here an inside scoop that he's done for the year, no question.

I'm so confused. =(